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The DPMO mobile app offers the possibility of convenient fare payment, overview DPMO operations news, connections search and other useful transport information. You can download the DPMO app for free from the App Store or Google Play for cell phones from here. (link only works on mobile devices).

You can pay for your tickets via a payment gateway where you can save your payment card for later automated single click payments. ApplePay or GooglePay payment methods are also available. 

The following range of electronic tickets is available in the DPMO app:

  • a standard passenger ticket for CZK 20 that is valid for 50/70 minutes (working/other days)
  • a discounted junior (6 - 18 years) ticket for 10 CZK that is valid for 50/70 minutes 
  • a discounted ticket - luggage/dog -  for 10 CZK is valid for 50/70 minutes





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