Tariff / Fares


Single fares and validity

Basic fare
adult / reduced
on work days / other days
Zone 71 CZK 18/9* 40 / 60 minutes Multiple lines

 * tickets sold on the bus with a surcharge of CZK 12/6.

  • reduced basic fare in Zone 71 applies to children aged 6 to 15 years (till the day preceding their 15th birthday) – 10 year olds and over also need a carriers’ card, passport, identity card or a pupil ID card
  • a ticket for luggage of the value of the reduced fare for a single journey in Zone 71 must be held for a buggy without a baby, luggage larger than 30 x 40 x 60 cm, luggage in a shape of a cylinder longer than 150 cm and 10 cm in diameter, shape of a plank exceeding the dimensions of 80 x 100 x 5 cm, luggage over 25 kg and a dog without a crate.

Season tickets

1 day
adult / red.
7 days
adult / red.
1 month
adult / red.
90 days
adult / red.
10 months
red. only
1 year
adult / red.
Zone 71 CZK 46 / 23 CZK 126 / 63 CZK 350 / 175 CZK 900 / 450 CZK 1350 CZK 2950 / 1475

Season tickets, except for the 1-day ticket, are not transferable, tied to a DPMO card, IDSOK card or a valid ISIC card or pupil ID card for students aged 15 to 26 years.

Entitled to Reduced season ticket in Zone 71 are:

  • juniors  aged 6 to 18 years (i. e. till the day preceding their 18th birthday),
  • pupils and students, with the exception of students with permanent job, aged 18 to 26 years (till the day preceding their 26th birthday),
  • seniors - recipients of old-age pensions and 3rd grade disability pensions and people up to the age of 65;

A claim to 1-day ticket can be proved by other forms of identification.

Entitled to annual Senior Pass for CZK 20 in Zone 71 are:

  • seniors - members of Vojenské sdružení rehabilitovaných v ČR, Český svaz bojovníků za svobodu, Konfederace politických vězňů ČR, Sdružení bývalých politických vězňů ČR and Svaz PTP-VTNP based on an identity card and member card.

Entitled to annual Kapka Pass for CZK 300 in Zone 71 are:

  • holders of gold Janský medal, tied to a pass issued by the DPMO carrier upon presentation of a valid identity card, a card of the holder of gold Janský medal of the Czech Red Cross and an up-to-date photo.

Free transport in Zone 71 is provided to:

  • children under 6 years of age accompanied by a person older than 10 years,
  • holders of ZTP and ZTP-P cardincluding a guide or a guide dog of the blind,
  • people aged 65 and over;
  • employees of state technical supervision of transport and inspectors of the Coordinator of IDSOK.

Special fare in Zone 71 is provided to:

  • members of the Czech Police District Headquarters in Olomouc, the officers and employees of the City Police Olomouc incl. luggage and dogs,
  • employees of the Municipality of Olomouc on weekdays between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., when using transferable ticket and an employee ID card,
  • holders of an issued parking ticket from the parking garage at the main train station, valid 60 minutes after release,
  • holders of “Olomouc Region Card” during its validity.

The full version of the Fares of IDSOK is posted at the ticket offices of carriers and in document NOVÉ: Tarif IDSOK

Akceptace průkazů ISIC, IDSOK a žákovských průkazů
k nákupu časových jízdenek na prodejnách DPMO
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Zavedení SMS jízdenek na linkách DPMO
základní informace a podmínky použití SMS jízdenky
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Platební automat P4U - www.Payment4U.eu
prodej jízdenek a časových kupónů na MHD a integrovanou dopravu
pdf Typ souboru: PDF 57 kB
Žádanka Junior 6-18 let
pro cestující od 6 do 18 let věku
pdf Typ souboru: PDF 1 MB
Žádanka Student 18-26 let
pro žáky a studenty od 15 do 26 let věku
pdf Typ souboru: PDF 2 MB

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