Ticket inspection

Inspection badge Identification card

Inspection of compliance with fares and conditions of carriage on the lines of DPMO, a. s. belongs to a driver or any other person authorized by the carrier equipped with an inspection badge and identification card of the carrier (see the examples above), who, during the ticket inspection, identify themselves by the badge and, on passenger’s demand, by the identification card with the holder’s photograph, security stamp in the bottom of the photograph and a number, which is identical to the badge number.

  1. A penalty fare of CZK 1 500 applies on the lines of DPMO for each passenger travelling without a valid ticket.This is reduced to CZK 700 if paid in cash on the spot or within 15 calendar days of the date following issue of the penalty fare notice.
  2. If a passenger declares an ownership of a valid non-transferable season ticket with a 7-day or longer validity for Zone 71 and proves this fact within 3 working days at the cash desk or ticket offices of the carrier, the penalty fare is reduced to CZK 30.
  3. A penalty fare of CZK 100 applies to passengers without a valid ticket for their luggage or dog.
  4. A penalty fare of CZK 700 applies to violations of Carriage Code, Contractual Conditions of Carriage and Fares of Integrated transport system of the Olomouc Region.

The detailed information can be found in Contractual Conditions of Carriage and Fares of Integrated transport system of the Olomouc region on www.dpmo.cz.

Cash register of the ticket inspection of DPMO, a.s., is located in a control building of DPMO, in the Legionarska street no. 1 (behind the Namesti Hrdinu).

Phone: +420 585 533 166, -259, -127, -128
E-mail address: preprava@dpmo.cz


Effective from 1st July, 2013.

Dopravní podnik města Olomouce, a.s. Dopravní podnik města Olomouce, a.s.

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