Travelling with baby-coaches

  • It si permitted to transport the baby-coaches if the free capacity of the vehicle allows it.
    The vehicle can only transport one baby-coach, the driver can give permission to transport others if the service conditions allow it. The driver has the right not to permit the transport of the baby-coach in the times of the increased demands on the transportation, especially in the rush hours when the vehicle is full.
  • The entrance with the baby-coach is allowed only with the driver´s permission.
  • The entrance request should be signaled to the driver on the bus/tram stop by rised hand or verbally.
  • The baby-coach can only be transported in the given place marked with the symbol of the baby-coach at the door.
  • The passenger has to prevent the baby-coach from spontaneous movement and be present by it for the whole time of the transportation. The passage of the baby-coach through the vehicle is not permitted.
  • The passenger with the baby-coach can only exit the vehicle with the driver´s permission and through an indicated door. The exit from the vehicle should be announced to the driver by pressing the signal button (short double click on the „Sign to driver“ button) or verbally.
  • In the times of the lowered demands on the transport it is possible to transport an empty baby-coach without a child. The fare for such transport is 10,- Kc.


Violation of these rules can be penalized up to 700,- Kc.

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