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Statistical data (as is December 31, 2016)

Surface of the town Olomouc 104,786 km2
Number of citizens of Olomouc 100 154 (as is 1. 1. 2016)
Altitude of the serviced area

205 above sea level (Nový Dvůr)
401 above sea level (Sv. Kopeček)

Further localities being serviced by DPMO lines Bukovany, Bystrovany, Horka
nad Moravou, Samotišky, Skrbeň
Length of DPMO bus line network 273 km
Length of DPMO tramcar line network 39 km
Number of DPMO bus lines 23
Number of DPMO tramcar lines 7
Number of transported persons as a whole approx. 55 millions

Number of DPMO employees

Bus drivers 139
Tramcar drivers 96
Altogether 431

Number of DPMO vehicles 

Buses 77 buses of urban mass transport
Tramcars 69 tramcars for urban mass transport
3 historical tramcars, 2 service tramcar
Average age of buses 8.34 years
Average age of tramcars 17.9 years

Structure of Car Park

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